A Few Murders More

Available Now!   Book #2 in the “Deadly Talons” Series (John Costa #5)


A Few Murders More

When the body of a wealthy oil tycoon is discovered in his lavish Florida mansion, John Costa’s Miami holiday comes to an abrupt end. The unusual murder weapon points to the work of a mysterious serial killer who targets men involved in human trafficking. The only person alive who has spoken to the shadowy assassin is John Costa, and he’s on the case. Little does he know, he’s not only working as an investigator, he’s also a suspect!

Attorney turned private investigator John Costa and intrepid computer expert Jillian “Mack” MacDonald are back for another thrilling adventure in Padraig O’Hannon’s latest mystery, “A Few Murders More,” book two in the “Deadly Talons” Series.

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The Players:

John Costa
John started his career as a prosecutor, but became disenchanted. A stint as a private defense attorney was very lucrative, but unsatisfying.  Now, he’s working with his best friend, Jillian MacDonald, as a private investigator. On holiday in Miami with Eva Peretti, a budding romance seems in the cards until an influential billionaire is murdered, and Costa finds himself in the middle of the case.

Jillian MacDonald
Jillian, aka “Mack,” is an extraordinary researcher and computer expert. Smart, strong, unflappable, irreverent, and funny, she’s John’s best friend and closest ally.  Mack’s skills will be tested when she tangles with a complex, proprietary security system that may hold all the secrets to the case.

Amador Manzano
The Miami lieutenant in charge of the murder investigation. His methods are a little non-standard, but his reputation for closing cases is unparalleled. He’s hired John and Mack to aid with the case, but tensions soar when he starts to look at Costa as a possible suspect in the case.