A Few Simple Murders

Release Date: 3/17/2017

From Padraig O’Hannon, the award-winning author of “The Irish Mysteries,” comes “A Few Simple Murders” — the first book in a scintillating new mystery series: Deadly Talons!

Back from Northern Ireland and the improbable odyssey that consumed the last four years of his life, attorney turned private investigator John Costa is looking forward to a relaxing evening of music. A miserable cold cuts short his plans, and things only get worse when he learns that a friend and fellow musician has been murdered! Nobody knows why Barry Myers left O’Brien’s pub in haste, but they remember his last words before departing: “John Costa.” An unusual murder weapon, a cryptic card written in Cyrillic script, and the discovery of a second victim signal that the deaths are anything but a few simple murders.

John, intrepid researcher and computer expert Jillian “Mack” MacDonald, and police captain George O’Neil are back for another thrilling and deadly adventure — complete with the intrigue, suspense, and surprises expected from a Padraig O’Hannon mystery!


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The Players:

John Costa
John started his career as a prosecutor, but became disenchanted. A stint as a private defense attorney was very lucrative, but unsatisfying. Back from Northern Ireland, he has started a private investigative agency.  Business is slow and the cases are boring, but things take an unexpected turn when his friend is murdered.

Jillian MacDonald
Jillian, aka “Mack,” is an extraordinary researcher and computer expert. Smart, strong, unflappable, irreverent, and funny, she’s John’s best friend and closest ally.

George O’Neil
Police captain George O’Neil has been John Costa’s friend since John was an eager, idealistic Assistant District Attorney. O’Neil is tasked with investigating the death of of John’s friend and fellow musician, Barry Myers.