And now comes the next part…

I love the mystery writing process.  I think, drink coffee, pace, and write a few words, only to erase them and start over.  But, much like performing music or theater, there is a rush that comes with it, and a tremendous let-down when it is done.

The process of editing, revising, proof-reading, and formatting is tedious. So much so that I find myself dreading it.  Cover design is equally miserable.

I have reached that part of the process for the third (untitled, at the moment) book in “The Irish Mysteries” series.  The fun part is over.  Now to buckle down and deal with the rest.


  1. I love reading your books, they are so hard to put down. Stayed up to late sometimes reading to get to the end of the chapter, only to read another‼ Thanks a lot❗ Can’t wait for your third bk. in the series. I am moving to Ireland in Aug. 2017, and I can’t wait. Thanks for the suspense and good writing to you.

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