Book #4 is done!

The fourth book isn’t part of the Irish Mysteries, but it is a John Costa mystery.  It features a few familiar characters (John, Mack, and George O’Neil, to name a few), and some exciting, and terrifying, new ones.

John and Mack are back from Ireland, but it isn’t long before trouble finds its way to their doorstep.

Suffering from the effects of an annoying wintertime cold, John Costa leaves his beloved Irish music session at O’Brien’s early. Almost home, he gets a call, and learns that moments after he left, one of his fellow musicians was murdered.  The victim mentioned John’s name before rushing from the pub.  The police want to know why…

Coming soon!

Thank you, Readers’ Favorite!

I’ll post more about this when I have a chance, but Murder in County Tyrone earned an Honorable Mention in the 2016 Readers’ Favorite book awards.  This is a most improbable sequence of events, as it was my first book;  I submitted the application whilst not quite sober (truth be told, the lack of sobriety was probably the only reason I entered);  and I had no idea how big of a deal it is or how many people enter.

I had the opportunity to attend the awards ceremony the past few days in Miami, and had a good time hobnobbing with my fellow authors.  I’ll post some pictures in the upcoming days when my life returns to its normal level (utter chaos).

For the first time, I saw my book on display on shelving.  Thrilling, especially to be sharing the space with other award-winning writers. Humbling, too.

Musical overtones…

I put together a quick promotional video for Murder in County Tyrone.

Some people have asked about my music, so it seemed like a good opportunity to share.

The video is available on YouTube, and features a traditional Irish jig called the Kesh.  Thanks to the wonderful world of digital recording, I was able to play all of the instruments on this recording (although, sadly, not simultaneously).  Hope you enjoy it!

US & UK Sale – Update

Child of a Cruel God (book 2 in the series) is now on sale in the UK (through 9 October).  It will also go on sale in the States Starting on 4 October.

Murder in County Tyrone will be on sale in the UK through 4 October (through  7 October in the States).  This is a great opportunity to get started reading the series!

The third and final book in the series, Death on the Lagan, is available for pre-order now!


UK Sale!

Help me reach #1 in Amazon’s Northern Irish Crime category!  I’ve been as high as #3 several times, but never made it to the top spot.

For the next week (today to 5 October), Murder in County Tyrone is on sale in the UK for £0.99!  That’s less than a quid for a murder mystery that is well-reviewed and has won multiple awards.  We can do this!

Book #3 edging closer to completion…

I never expected to write a book — honestly, I didn’t.  Certainly not two.

Well, we see how that worked out!

The third book in the “Irish Mysteries” series is on the way, and will be out before the end of the year.  Probably early in November, if everything goes well.  I’m working on the cover, the print edition, and waiting for a final round of feedback.

The last big hurdle is, of all things, the blurb!  Eighty thousand word novel?  No problem.  Two hundred word blurb?  Stymied!

And now comes the next part…

I love the mystery writing process.  I think, drink coffee, pace, and write a few words, only to erase them and start over.  But, much like performing music or theater, there is a rush that comes with it, and a tremendous let-down when it is done.

The process of editing, revising, proof-reading, and formatting is tedious. So much so that I find myself dreading it.  Cover design is equally miserable.

I have reached that part of the process for the third (untitled, at the moment) book in “The Irish Mysteries” series.  The fun part is over.  Now to buckle down and deal with the rest.