Death on the Lagan

From award-winning mystery author Padraig O’Hannon: the third and final book in “The Irish Mysteries” series.

Still reeling from the death of a beloved friend, American attorney John Costa must summon every ounce of courage, resolve, and wit to carry on in his search for the truth. He’s in the crosshairs of a deadly adversary, emboldened by a powerful, new ally. Little does he know, the terrible crime that rocked Northern Ireland in 1998 still holds many secrets, and some of them hit closer to home than he ever imagined…


The Players:

John Costa
Three years after solving the crime that rocked County Tyrone in Northern Ireland, American attorney John Costa is looking to get on with his life.  The unexpected return of an old adversary changes everything, as he suddenly finds himself the target for revenge.

Angela Grady
Angela is the enigmatic target of John Costa’s unspoken affections. She’s young, vibrant, kind, and full of life; everything that he isn’t.

Jillian MacDonald
Jillian, aka “Mack,” is an extraordinary researcher and computer expert. Smart, strong, unflappable, irreverent, and funny, she’s John’s best friend and closest ally.

Karen Boyle
Childhood friend of Angela Grady, Karen and her father operate a respected charity that provides food for those in need. A close and trusted friend to John and Mack, her world is shattered when John’s adversary sets out for revenge.

Jim Finnegan
Once a member of the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC), he is now a senior member of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI). His investigation continues…

Kelly Hamilton
An analyst with the Police Service of Northern Ireland, she is a vital source of information. Connected to elite hacking groups and shady underground organizations, she might be playing both sides.  What she knows and can find is impressive, but can she be trusted?