Murder in County Tyrone

Murder in County Tyrone is Padraig O’Hannon’s debut novel, released in August, 2015.
Winner of the 2015 New Apple Award for Literary Excellence (Mystery), and 2016 Readers’ Favorite Honorable Mention (Fiction, Mystery), it is available in Kindle format and Paperback from Amazon.

Fourteen years on, the crime that rocked County Tyrone in Northern Ireland remains unsolved, but hardly forgotten. Its tentacles reach the shores of America when John Costa, a once-prominent attorney who has all but given up on life, is  questioned by the police. They’re asking about the person he’d least expect: the enigmatic Irish woman he secretly admires. His heart tells him she’s innocent, but new evidence hints at a sinister past. Will he be able to exonerate the woman of his dreams, or is he destined to become another victim? Learn the truth in this compelling tale of love, intrigue, and murder!


The Players:

John Costa
John started his career as a prosecutor, but became disenchanted. A stint as a private defense attorney was very lucrative, but unsatisfying. He’s given it all up, sinking into living vicariously through the warped looking-glass of social media. He spends his days at a job that provides nothing other than a distraction and his evenings drinking. He considers himself a disappointment, but no longer really cares.

Angela Grady
Angela is the enigmatic target of John Costa’s unspoken affections. She’s young, vibrant, kind, and full of life; everything that he isn’t.

Jillian MacDonald
Jillian, aka “Mack,” is an extraordinary researcher and computer expert. Smart, strong, unflappable, irreverent, and funny, she’s John’s best friend and closest ally.

Jim Finnegan
Once a member of the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC), he is now a senior member of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI). He has been investigating the terrible crime that rocked County Tyrone for fourteen years. After many dead ends, he now has new evidence…


Quick Glossary:

(Not really needed to read the book, but potentially helpful)

Northern Ireland: Six counties in the northern part of Ireland that remain part of the United Kingdom.

The Troubles: A period from roughly 1968 to 1998 punctuated by violence that included shootings, bombings, hunger strikes, and various political protests.

Republican: One who supports unifying Northern Ireland with the Republic of Ireland and ending British control.

Loyalist: One who supports the counties in the north remaining under British control.

Semtex: An explosive commonly used by the IRA (and similar groups). It is particularly effective at creating casualties.

Murder in County Tyrone